We are proud that our School has an excellent reputation in the community. This is a result of the sustained efforts of a School Council, Parents and Staff who are committed to providing the best possible education for our students in a caring and stimulating environment.

Funding for 2017

Although the Victorian Government provides grants to Schools, this is not sufficient for us to provide all the requisites and resources needed for our programs and projects. Therefore, if we are to:

  • provide discounted books and materials for each student;
  • continue to offer high quality programs;
  • maintain and develop the grounds for the students’ benefit, eg play equipment, playing areas;
  • maintain and upgrade our computer resources to enable our students to have access to the benefits of current information technology;
  • provide sufficient numbers of up-to-date books for children to develop their reading skills;
  • provide high quality Mathematics teaching equipment, ie class sets of measurement materials, Mathematics software;
  • provide a range of sporting equipment necessary for the Sport and Physical Education Program;
  • provide resources to implement innovative teaching programs;
  • provide an effective care and First aid program for all students.

we need to ask parents to make a contribution to cover costs in these areas.

A copy of the 2017 School Costs are available here.

Planning for 2017

At the November School Council Meeting, a detailed Budget for 2017 was presented and approved. As part of this budget process, the amount of parent contribution for each child was considered with the aim of keeping the amount to the absolute minimum. In 2017, this amount has been set at $300.00 per student for the year.

We look forward to your support in order to meet our budget targets. Please contact Tina King (Principal) for a confidential conversation if you would like to discuss any aspect of the Booklist.

Let us work together to ensure that Watsonia North continues to be a great School for our children.

Overview of Probable Extra Costs 2017

The overview of probably extra costs planned school activities throughout the year is available here.

Tina King, Principal
Maria Collins, School Council President