Information about Enrolment

This confidential enrolment form asks for personal information about your child as well as family members and others that provide care for your child. The main purpose for collecting this information is so that Watsonia North Primary School (WNPS) can register your child and allocate staff and resources to provide for educational and support needs. All staff at WNPS and the Department of Education & Training (DET) are required by law to protect the information provided by this enrolment form.

Health information is asked for so that staff at WNPS can properly care for your child. This includes information about any medical condition or disability your child may have, medication your child may rely on while at school, any known allergies, and contact details of your child’s doctor.

WNPS requires information about all parents, guardians or carers so that we can take account of family arrangements. Family Court Orders setting out any access restrictions and parenting plans should be made available to school. Please tell us as soon as possible about any changes to these arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact the Principal, Sarah Pollnitz, if you would like to discuss (in strict confidence) any matters relating to family arrangements.

A copy of our Parent Payment Policy can be found here

Proof of Residency

Due to its success, Watsonia North is a very popular school to enrol children. Consequently, to avoid overcrowding, an enrolment limit of 500 students has been agreed between our School Council and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Priority for enrolment is therefore given to children where Watsonia North Primary School is the nearest school to the families’ place of residence. To find out if Watsonia North is your closest school, please go to the Government’s Find My School page by clicking here

In an effort to offer enrolments to qualifying families, you must provide confirmation of residential address with either of the following documents:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Utilities Account (ie Electricity, Gas or telephone)
  • Lease Agreement

A certified copy of your documentation is required on enrolment.

Emergency Contacts

These are people (other than yourself and your partner) who may need to be contacted in an emergency. Please ensure that the people named are aware that they have been nominated as emergency contacts and agree to their details being provided to school.

Student Background Information

This includes information about a person’s country of birth, aboriginality, language spoken at home and parent occupation. This information is collected so that WNPS receives appropriate resource allocations for their students. It is also used by the Department of Education & Training (DET) to plan for future educational needs in Victoria. Some information is sent to Commonwealth Government agencies for monitoring, planning and resource allocation. All of this information is kept strictly confidential and the Department will not otherwise disclose the information to others without your consent or as required by law.

Immunisation Status

SCHOOL ENTRY IMMUNISATION CERTIFICATE is a specific document which shows your child’s record of immunisation. The certificate is an important record that will assist health authorities in protecting children in the event of a vaccine preventable disease occurrence in school. Please note that it is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT to provide a school entry immunisation certificate on enrolment to primary school in Victoria.

We will require an IMMUNISATION CERTIFICATE before you child begins school. A pamphlet explaining how to obtain this will be available when you enrol.

HIC have set up a website where you can obtain your child’s Immunisation History Statement. This facility has been provided to help parents keep track of their child’s vaccinations and to ensure their child is fully immunised. Parents may request a statement of their child’s immunisation history as recorded on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (Immunisation Register) by completing the form on the website. The statement will be mailed to the child’s most recent address recorded on the Immunisation Register. You will need to enter your Medicare Card number. The Website address is:

Visa Status

This information (if applicable) is required to enable WNPS to process your child’s enrolment.

Updating Your Child’s Records

At the beginning of each term, each student will bring home a summary slip containing phone numbers for parents and emergency contacts for each family. Please let us know if any information needs to be changed by sending updated information to the school office.

If you have any concerns about the confidentiality of this information, please contact the Principal. The DECD can also provide you with more detailed information about privacy policies that govern the collection and use of information requested on this form.

The following documents are available for you to download: