Reporting to Parents

Individual parent/teacher/student meetings are held twice a year. These meetings provide an opportunity for teachers, parents and students to share information regarding a student’s social and academic progress. A written report is provided at the end of second and fourth term.

In February we conduct ‘Meet and Greet’ session where student information can be shared and learning goals developed. Commencing Term 3, formal reporting of student progress takes place and students are requested to attend these meetings with their parent/s and teacher.

Individual Learning Improvement Plans (ILIP)

The Individual Learning Improvement Plan is an agreement between student, parent and teacher. We are confident that these plans will further strengthen the learning partnership between parents, students and teachers. Each student from Prep to Year 6 has an ILIP.

An ILIP contains learning goals, classroom activities and suggested home activities for the students. These are negotiated with teachers, parents and students and are developed from discussion at March Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings. A review of the plan to monitor the progress takes place during mid-year Parent/Teacher/Student interviews.

We see the Individual Learning Improvement Plan as a means of focussing support for children’s specific individual learning needs. These will be negotiated with teachers, parents and children and will be reviewed throughout the year.