Clare Meehan and Sou Corrance

Our aim within the Art room at Watsonia North is to provide an imaginative and creative program, which engages students in stimulating and challenging art experiences, so that they learn to work with ideas, develop artistic skills and respond to art works. Students will experience and develop skills in a range of art forms and media including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, modelling, construction, and textiles.

Foundation to Year 2:

 In the first years of school, the emphasis is on experimenting with a wide variety of materials and techniques to create individual expression. Students are encouraged to talk about their work, that of their classmates and other artists as well as draw upon play and imagination.

Years 3 to 6: 

As students move through the school, there is an increased focus on developing and using skills, techniques and processes to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a wide variety of Visual Art forms. They observe and discuss artworks created by their peers, by other artists and cultures and develop an understanding of art in society.

  • Each grade will attend one 50 minute session of Visual Art per week.
  • Students should provide a clearly named art smock to protect their clothing.
  • Student’s artwork will be promoted imaginatively and positively within the art room and around the school.