Watsonia North Primary School is currently enrolling Preps for the 2023 school year. If you are considering enrolment at our school, please do so as soon as possible, as places at Watsonia North Primary School fill quickly.


Due to its success, Watsonia North is a very popular school to enrol children. Consequently, to avoid overcrowding, an enrolment limit of 550 students has been agreed between our School Council and the Department of Education. Priority for enrolment is therefore given to children where Watsonia North Primary School is the nearest school to the families’ place of residence (see ‘Enrolment’ link for further details).

Enrolment forms are available from the school office. You will also find an enrolment form to download, together with additional information when you follow the link ‘Enrolment’ in this website.

Children will need to turn five by END OF APRIL, 2023 and you will need to supply one of the following as proof of birth:

  • Full Birth Certificate; or
  • Passport; or
  • Health Clinic Book

It will also be helpful for our records if you are able to bring the names and phone numbers of the following:

  • Spouse’s employment;
  • Family Doctor;
  • The names and phone numbers of two emergency contacts other than yourself.

We will require an IMMUNISATION CERTIFICATE before you child begins school. A pamphlet explaining how to obtain this will be available when you enrol.

Immunisation History Statement – apply online:

HIC have set up a website where you can obtain your child’s Immunisation History Statement. This facility has been provided to help parents keep track of their child’s vaccinations and to ensure their child is fully immunised. Parents may request a statement of their child’s immunisation history as recorded on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (Immunisation Register) by completing the form on the website. The statement will be mailed to the child’s most recent address recorded on the Immunisation Register. You will need to enter your Medicare Card number. The Website address is: https://www1.hic.gov.au/ssl/acircirgcert

Prep Transition in 2023

At Watsonia North each year we offer our Preps enrolled for the following year, a comprehensive transition program to allow familiarisation with the school and staff.

We have found our program to be very successful in assisting our new Preps to feel comfortable and happy about starting school.

As part of these sessions, we also provide advice and information for parents/guardians about the Prep year and other relevant school activities.