Watsonia North Primary School is committed to providing a safe and caring environment which is conducive to positive relationships being formed between student, staff and parents.  Our school has in place a range of strategies to promote engagement, positive behaviour and respectful relationships for all students in the school. We recognise that some students, as a group or as individuals may need extra social, emotional or educational support to flourish at school, and so we will put in place strategies to identify these students and provide them with the support they need. 

We work collaboratively with students and parents/carers to establish fair and respectful behaviour policies and practices, based on the school’s values, expected social competencies and positive peer relationships. There are also intervention strategies in place to address inappropriate behaviours which can negatively impact on the learning environment of the individual and others.

WNPS has adopted Restorative Practices as a whole school behaviour management approach. Restorative Practices is a methodology for managing student behaviour and developing and maintaining positive healthy and respectful relationships.  The approach encourages those involved to accept that harm has been done to people and relationships. Restorative Practices acknowledges obligations and responsibilities, with a focus on repairing the harm and making things right. Restorative Practices provides a caring, stimulating and dynamic learning environment which engages students, supporting and encouraging them to achieve their personal best, at all times.

Each section of the Student Engagement and Inclusion Policy and Positive Relationships & Anti-Bullying Policy represents an important area in its own right and when considered collectively, constitutes an important health and welfare strategy for all children, staff and parents at Watsonia North Primary School.

You can download a PDF copy of the policies by clicking the links below:

WNPS Student Engagement and Inclusion Policy
WNPS Positive Relationships and Anti Bullying
WNPS Inclusion and Diversity Policy